Important Fall Ball Information

Published by League Admin
Sep 12, 2018

Our Fall Ball Program is different from our Spring Season. We have no boundaries, and friends and family can come to play and have fun.

Our Spring Season requires specific boundaries, and we will be happy to get you in contact with the local Little League to register you for Spring.

Fall Ball is intended to be a program where kids can learn to play the game, or experienced players can work on a skill that needs improvement or they can try and play a new position in a low-competitive environment.

Our fee covers a minimum of 8 games, a jersey, hat, socks, and belt (some divisions will not receive a belt because of pant design (TBall, Softball), a participation trophy, practices on actual fields, umpires, and equipment use or replacement. We operate as a non-profit organization and strive hard to make our Fall Ball program available to all.

We offer different divisions from T-Ball to Junior/Senior Kid Pitch for both baseball and softball. If we do not get enough registrants for T-Ball or Coach Pitch to have a separate team, we will make sure all the girls are placed on one team together; however, we will leave the choice up to the parents. We do not have any issues filling out our Kid Pitch Softball Teams.

T-Ball – 4 – 6 years. If your child is currently three years old but will turn four any time after August 31, 2017, they can play TBall. TBall is our entry-level program, and we encourage all family members to participate with the players (coaching, being on the field to help the players, cheering on the players from both teams, and showing lots of encouragement).

Coach Pitch – 7 – 8 years. Six-year-olds may play coach pitch if they've had a season or two of TBall. It is not recommended for five-year-olds to play Coach Pitch due to the skill level and upper ages of the other kids. We don't want to discourage them from playing.

“Minor" Kid Pitch – 9 – 10 years. Seven and eight-year-olds may play if they have played a season or two of Coach Pitch. Eleven-year-olds may “play down" if they have never played baseball before so they may receive more individualized instruction. The decision to play at this level is up to our player agent and the parents.

“Major" Kid Pitch – 11-12-year-olds. 10-year-olds may play if they have played a season or two of “Minor" Kid Pitch or can show they will be able to handle a more competitive environment.

Our Junior/Senior level divisions are a little different. They are more competitive, and the teams travel to other little league areas to play their games. The ages are 13 to 16 years of age, although we encourage any 12-year-old that will turn 13 the following Spring season to come out and play so they can get used to the field and rule changes. Sixteen-year-olds cannot pitch in this league (they can in the Spring).

The Fall Ball program is designed to be as non-competitive as possible. Win/Loss records are not kept, and run rule limits apply in order to get players to gain experience on both offense and defense. We try to make each team as balanced as possible in order to make the game fun for all. We strongly encourage coaching staffs to move players around to different positions to help players find what they are good at as well as what they need to improve on and focus on that improvement. The goal is not to win the game, the goal is to get better and get those individual wins for our players so they become better teammate and leaders (first hit, first catch of a fly ball, first double play, and so on).

We encourage parents and family members who would like to try coaching to volunteer as well. We now hold clinics for coaches to learn coaching skills to help them get better as a coach and team leader.

If your child is used to higher competition, the Fall Ball program may not be for them unless they are trying to improve part of their game, like hitting or pitching, or perhaps need to focus on team and leadership skills, which is equally important as players get older and experience more expectations heaped upon them by their coaches.

We recommend our Spring Program for higher level competition and intense gameplay.